Thursday, December 8, 2011

One More Hat.

I know, I disappeared for a couple of days.

I've been having computer issues so it's been hard to do things like my new job (I'll come back to that) and my other freelance work and blog while also trying to make it to classes and you know, parent two mini-people who aren't potty trained yet.

I have all these great ideas swirling around in my head, but I'm typically away from any of my various devices and by the time I get to one, it's gone.

Did you know that recently there was a study that found passing through a doorway causes people to forget what they're doing? Something about visual cues and psychological trajectory and such. And now I'm paranoid to leave a room because I'm going to forget the 18 things bouncing around in my head at any given time.


So yes, I have a job, ish. I'm the administrator for the dance studio I told you about. It means that it involves someone being in front of a computer doing things, I'm doing it. It's some hybrid between uber secretary and web admin with dashes of graphic design and blogging. I only say ish because I'm not so much getting paid as I'm trading services (but bartering is the new freelance thing to do, so I hear) so I get to go to classes as much as I want and don't have to pay anything. Which is awesome so far.

So yeah, if you wanted to check out the blog over there, it's Confessions of A Femme Fatale. And that's the site I'm managing, so I mean, yeah. It's a lot of work, some of it easy, most of it challenging, but I like it because it gives me purpose and helps us save money while still providing me an opportunity to do something I'm starting to love and still get to do it all from the very same place on the couch that I do everything else online.

Well, you know, if my internet would stop failing every 45 minutes on the dot. And when I'm not breaking the site at midnight trying to figure something out, heh.

Other than that, don't forget about my giveaway -- there are only two entrants so far!

It's almost the weekend -- and I, for one, am grateful.



Casey said...

congratulations! I saw your posts and wondered if you were involved somehow more than attending classes. that whole liking what you do thing is important! I think bartering is an awesome exchange!