Monday, December 12, 2011

Give and Get.

So it ends up that only two people entered my giveaway -- so I'm working on something to make sure that no one's a loser in a two-person game. Once I hear back from all parties involved, then I'll let you know how that all worked out.

In other news, I learned some new Photoshop skills today:
But I'm not going to tell you what because that would ruin the magic of this year's effort. NEENER. But note that my head is the same size AS MY CHILDRENS' because I have an abnormally small head, and that is sadly not Photoshopped.

I don't know if we're going to be able to swing holiday cards this year, so this may be the best that many of you get from us. I'm sure you could print it out if you so desire an actual photo of us -- I even didn't watermark it for you, you're welcome DON'T STEAL IT. If we're lucky we might figure something out, but hey, this is the best I've got for you and it's better than nothing, yes?

(You can peep the 2009 and 2010 photos here.)

Anyway, today has been insane (hence the late post) and I have stories for you about our Thanksmas dinner this past weekend and honestly stories from Thanksgiving even but they will have to wait because I have ribbons to go hang from.

Happy Christmahanusolstickwanzaa and a Merry New Year!



Casey said...

love the card! Hope you got ours :) Does Kyle mind you get random mail from internet strangers ??  Ok, so we have met in person so technically not a stranger. ha!

TabathaM said...

We did get yours, thank you so much for thinking of us! And no, not much phases Kyle -- I get the mail, so when he saw the card on the mantle he frowned a minute and then said "Oh, that diabetes lady from Franklin, her baby!" and moved on his merry way. :)