Monday, June 13, 2011


So maybe I shot this on Friday. I was dressed, and if anything, I know an opportunity when I see one. Also, warning ahead -- NSFW if you're afraid of the words "slut" "goddamn" "bitch" and a very solid "fuck you" all in appropriate context, of course.

Anyway, I probably didn't make my point very well, but it's this -- the Slutwalks aren't about specific circumstances behind sexual assault. It's about society's pervasive ideas about how women should act and be treated by the opposite sex, every single day. Is it attention-grabbing sensationalism? Perhaps. But that doesn't change the very valid point that women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, end full stop.

Like I said, I'd really like to know your thoughts on this. Light up the comments, people. I promise I won't bite.

Too hard, at least. ;)


munchkinmegs said...

I LOVE the new videos you have been posting, it gives us such a better look at how passionate you are about the things you post. Plus you are soo dang adorable. I completely agree with the concept of the slutwalk. If you have ever been to other countries its so much worse there. In Spain men literally STARE women down, shout super inappropriate things and will slap womans asses if they think they are good looking. its vial and totally disrespectful. Its totally getting to that point here and its grossss. The men in CA where I live are so disgusting, they talk soo much crap on the woman (especially people my age, early-mid twenties) and the concept of chivalry is completely dead. I feel like because men have started to treat the woman like shit here the woman start to act like whores. its just a gross, nasty cycle. hopefully its not as bad where you are but if I were you and some guy did that to me(the creeper in the car) , i would have done the same thing. men are pervs. and that cop in the rape case deserves a quick kick to the sac.

NodToStyle said...

oh girl, i feel you on this one! i lived in harlem for the past couple of years and was verbally "appreciated" every single time i stepped out of my apartment. it got to the point where i dreaded going outside...
as for the slutwalks. i aboslutely get the idea and applaud feminist action. however, i do have a few issues with it. using the word slut is not a big deal to me, but i do take issue in using it as a movement. for example, i know that my mom would have been hesitant to take me to an event like this when i was a child. in the end, though, the more awareness the better! 

Raine said...

I, too, love these new videos. It nice to see someone so passionate about issues. I am all about using curse words as just any other word out there. I do have a hard time getting behind cunt and slut and nigger and such. Part of that is all the negative conotations and part is just me needing to realize they are just words. Just letters strung together. They get their meaning when they get used. Anyways, good for those women going out on their slutwalks. I applaud them. I am disgusted that any one could think an 11 year old girl could be dressed in any provocative manner. She's just a child for Christ sake. Where does it fucking end?