Thursday, December 3, 2009

The True Meaning Of Christmahanusolstickah.

Lisa has become one of my dearest friends. She was in the same class I met Kyle in; a member of the same feminist group I later joined; and often a classmate in my most fascinating classes. Shortly after Kiedis was born, she sent me a gift off of my personal Amazon Wishlist, the first thing I'd received from that -- the Brain Age game for my DS. I was so touched I was speechless. And then, she helped me through the last couple of months with such grace and honesty and compassion that I know without a doubt I'd have lost my shit completely had she not been there for me, and just because I asked her a simple legal question (she's in law school). She and her partner Sarvani are amazing, kind, and generous people that I am incredibly fortunate and blessed to have in my life.

So this past weekend, as Lisa and I were chatting on GChat, as we do:

Lisa: my mother has a shopping addiction
that might put yours to shame
in actual purchases
so the [house that Lisa lives in that her parents own] slowly began to fill
(parents' house is already full)
me: with what?
anything in particular?
i just had an epiphany
me: ?
Lisa: the house is full
me: are you serious?
me: your mom just buys toys?
Lisa: i'm serious
me: i don't want to take your mom's stuff
Lisa: my mom has OCD and addictive personality disorder
she not only buys
she buys many of each thing
me: so she's got everything cataloged?
Lisa: for future children, for inventory
me: lol
Lisa: we have maybe 50-100 unopened fisher price sets
little people
me: jesus.
Lisa: that big plastic playskool stuff
cars to drive around
fake kitchens
me: wow
Lisa: you name it
i was going to take it all over in loads to Once Upon a Child
you are more than welcome to peruse it first
me: um, i mean, if your mom would be okay with that it could make christmukkah a bit easier
Lisa: i'm not even kidding a little bit
any day i'm here you can come
me: wow, okay
Lisa: you can come this WEEKEND if you want

And come I did. And Lisa was not joking even one little bit. A room in the basement. Every closet on three stories. Random toys in desk drawers and just kinda out and about. Toys and clothes and more toys and some random things like fans and card tables and just STUFF EVERYWHERE.

Lisa had suggested I bring my camera for pictures for the blog (genius that she is) and I gladly bust it out because I knew you guys wouldn't believe me without photographic proof:
That's me in ONE ROOM stacked to the gills with toys. I don't know how many times I trapped myself in somewhere trying to go through it all. Another angle:
Can you believe it? And Lisa and Sarvani told me it was their goal that we didn't have to buy Kiedis anything for Christmas (or Hanukkah) and hopefully very little for his birthday ... IN MARCH. And to be honest? We don't. There will be presents under the tree and in his stocking and for him to open throughout Hanukkah because of these two. Otherwise, we had about three toys for him and could maybe get a thing or two more, that was it.

They honestly made my son's first holiday season one to remember, and not just because I might run out of wrapping paper for it all.

I can't begin to describe the kindness and generosity -- I refused to cry when I was in their presence, but once I got home and showed Kyle everything, I choked up. I still don't quite have the words for the emotions I feel, the gratitude and the relief and the kindness and friendship and general looking out and just ... yeah, I'm choking up right now thinking about it.

The best I know to do is to try and help in return. They're also renovating a house here in Dayton, and they've asked my help a bit with a particular room. I've offered them what little I have to give in exchange for their kindness, and felt grateful I could do anything in return. And this weekend, if we coordinate times right, I'll be helping Lisa and Sarvani help three more families like ours have more awesome Christmases for their kids.

They keep telling me that I helped them because I made some space by removing things from the house.

I don't think they understand how they yet again renewed my faith in the goodness of people and made me truly appreciate the gift that is their friendship.

Thanks, guys. From our little family to yours.

Thank you.


Arby said...

Sometimes, blessings come from the most unexpected sources!

Emmalane said...

This just restored a bit of my faith in humanity and I'm so happy for you and Kyle and Mr. Kiedis :)

Jendeaux said...

I have been reading another blog for awhile. Her husband has been laid off several times this year alone. They lost a baby last year and is pregnant with a little boy. She also has a three year old. I'm sending them some gifts myself and thought maybe y'all can check out her blog and possibly help her out.
Merry Christmas, happy Hannuka and may God bless you and your amazing friends.

Sarah J. said...

WOW!!! How amazing is that!!!

those pictures are insane! it's like a toy store, Ava would go crazy down

Raine said...

That is soo nice!! (It is too bad about mom's addiction though) Im glad you got some xmas cheer. Sometimes Christmas (or whatever) is the most wonderful time of the year :D

last year, I was in financial ruin and a counseler I spoke to suggested this xmas toy charity thing. I didnt want to do it, but I wrote the letter after she insisted. The day the box came with the toys I was so overcome with joy. It was the nicest thing ever!

Im glad you get to feel that way :D